Dede’s Louisiana Jambalaya 

Dede’s Louisiana Jambalaya 

In Louisiana, Jambalaya is a staple. This Southern favorite consists of the Cajun holy trinity – onions, celery and green bell peppers with a little pope thrown in – that would be the garlic! Bold Louisiana spices, andouille sausage, seafood, or chicken (or any combination) and rice round out the recipe. Our starter sauce will make you a Jambalaya pro! We’ve done the hard part: you just add your favorite meat and serve it with the rice mixed in! This recipe will make a quick and easy gluten-, dairy-, and nut-free healthy meal. Supper is ready!


1 jar of Dede’s Cajun Cuisine Jambalaya Starter Sauce

3 cups of cooked rice (1 cup dry rice, follow cooking instructions on rice package)

1 lb of cooked chicken, andouille sausage, or seafood of your choice

Chopped green onions for taste and garnish (both green and white parts)

A few shakes of Dede’s Cajun Cuisine Red Hot Sauce, if you want to spice it up a little


  1. Heat one jar of Dede’s Cajun Cuisine Jambalaya Starter Sauce in a large sauce pan
  2. Cook chicken, andouille sausage, or seafood as desired
  3. Add rice and protein to sauce, stir and serve
  4. Add green onions and hot sauce individually, as desired

Additional ideas:

Try This: In an oven proof baking dish, put chicken or fish in a single layer, pour a jar of Dede’s Jambalaya Starter Sauce over it, cover with foil and bake until fully cooked, usually 20 minutes for fish, or 30 minutes for chicken. Serve with your favorite vegetable or salad and garnish with some chopped green onions.

Dede’s Cajun Cuisine Jambalaya ~ great food with a Southern accent!

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