Dede’s Cajun Cuisine

At Dede’s Cajun Cuisine, we make Cajun food easy and fast with two authentic Louisiana-style starter sauces, a vinegary favorite hot sauce, and a low-salt blend of Southern Spices.

For our Creole and Jambalaya starter sauces, you add or serve with rice and a favorite protein for the perfect Louisiana-inspired meal. Or, be creative! We’ve done all the hard work, chopping and simmering. Open a jar and put your own spin on a Southern favorite, or make up something new.

Our jarred sauces, hot sauce, and southern spice mix take a typical meal to extraordinary.

Let us help you make your own creative and delicious family meal. Order today.

Dede’s Cajun Cuisine ~ great food with a Southern accent!

Our Products

Jambalaya Sauce

Jambalaya Starter Sauce

We’ve done all the chopping and seasoning for you in this all-natural recipe full of bold, smoky, Cajun flavor. Fire-roasted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and celery are simmered with the perfect blend of spices to bring traditional Louisiana Jambalaya home to your kitchen. We love it with andouille sausage, but try chicken, shrimp or all three to make it your own!

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creole sauce

Creole Starter Sauce

Our Creole Starter Sauce will bring you right back to the bayou! We’ve done all the chopping and seasoning for you using only the freshest ingredients. With this balanced blend of tomatoes and mirepoix, shrimp is a fabulous addition…think Shrimp Creole or whatever tickles your fancy.

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Louisiana Style Red Hot Sauce

Dede’s Louisiana Red Hot Sauce…for when you like it just a little bit hotter than everyone else.  Our versatile hot sauce adds a tasty, vinegary, spicy bite that gives a Louisiana kick to any dish.

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Southern Spices

This low-salt spice blend of traditional seasonings perfectly brings out the flavors of anything you cook whether you’re making a Louisiana-inspired meal…or not.

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