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Dede’s Roux

Dede’s Roux
First you make the roux.  Not that I need an excuse to make gumbo, but I definitely need some time.  With patience, low/medium heat and lots of stirring, you’ll be rewarded!

Recipe for Roux
1 cast iron or heavy bottom pot
1 3/4 C flour
1 3/4 C Canola oil

On low to medium heat, mix flour and oil until flour is incorporated into the oil. A whisk is your tool of choice here and a flat bottom one is the best. (More bottom surface area to scrape the pan.) The goal is to keep the flour moving so it browns and doesn’t burn.  It requires lots of stirring and constant stirring when it starts to brown until it cools slightly.
For gumbo, I make a dark roux, but other recipes call for lighter roux.  Stir your roux until it reaches the desired color.  For this color roux, I cooked it for about an hour and a half. Turn off the heat and continue to stir until it cools slightly as it will continue to cook and brown from residual heat.
Enjoy and let me know what you’re cooking with roux!
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